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5 Ideas to Create a Custom Look That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Mar 03, 2021

How can you create a custom look in your home? This article will give you some ideas on adding custom looks that will add both market value and marketability to your home. Market value and marketability are terms that seem to confuse people.  Market value is a number supported and based on comparable sales.  Marketability is based on and likability of the home, emotions about the home and personal opinion.  It is important to think in terms of both market value and marketability when making improvement to your home.

One project that will add instant value is to pull out all the carpet in your home and replace it with tile, hardwood, or even a high-end laminate.  Carpet is difficult to keep clean.  Spots and stains on the carpet can make the whole room look dingy and feel dirty.  A tile or hardwood gives the room a clean and polished feel.  If you choose to use tile use an interesting pattern like a herringbone (a V-shape), a staggered brick, a pinwheel (using a smaller square tile at each corner of a larger square tile to mimic the look of a spinning pinwheel), or a Versailles (a combination of square and rectangular tile to create a puzzle like repeating design).

A Versailles Pattern

A second idea is to replace your small light fixtures with something more substantial.  The amount of light in a room affects the feel of the room.  Instead of using a single pendant try a chandelier that has several lightbulbs.  The more lightbulbs in a fixture the brighter the fixture will be.  Don’t be afraid to use a large light fixture.  A large fixture is impressive and will brighten a room.

These 2 large light fixtures take the place of a ceiling fan.

A third idea is to customize your driveway.  Using a combination of materials will create a custom look.  Different combinations of stone, brick, crushed granite and concrete will make your driveway different from all the other driveways in your neighborhood.

This driveway is a combination of stone and crushed granite.

This next idea comes from thinking out of the box a bit.  Try using stock cabinets in a new way.  For example, use upper cabinets as narrow lower cabinets by building a base for the upper cabinets to sit on.  Three upper cabinets sitting on a base work great as a narrow TV console.  Using an upper cabinet combined with a wine rack in the bathroom creates narrow storage, a place to store rolled up towels and a truly unique look.

The upper cabinet on top of the wine rack in the bathroom is a custom look.


Many homes are just sheet rock boxes.  There is sheet rock on every wall and ceiling.  There is nothing unique or custom about sheet rock.  Bring in some textured elements to contrast the sheet rock. Here are some ways to bring in texture:

  • Add a wooden accent wall
  • Add a wooden ceiling
  • Tile a wall
  • Add large moldings
  • Add trim around the windows inside the house
  • Add a beam
  • Create a grid pattern on a wall or ceiling


Creating a grid pattern on this dining room wall creates a custom look. 

Using these ideas will help make your home different than the others on the street.  Your home will be unique. These custom touches will appeal to potential buyers and the appraiser which will add marketability and market value to your home.





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