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The Listing Home Size Needs to Match the Appraisal Home Size!

Where Do You Get Your Home Size Information?

An accurate home size is critical in a price per square foot industry!  Many homeowners assume that the information in public records is always accurate.  This just isn't the case.

These are a few reasons why inaccuracies in home size can occur in public records:

  • The county assessor never enters the home; therefore, "open to below" spaces, bonus spaces, above garage living area, utility spaces and areas not heated or cooled are never evaluated.
  • The original information came from a building permit and plans were changed during construction.
  • Additions to the home were never permitted.
  • Information was entered incorrectly.
  • Before 1996 there were no home measurement standards.  Today most US appraisers use the ANSI Home Measurement Standards to determine what is considered livable square footage.
Did you know that the lender verifies the size of the home through the appraiser?


  The first thing the appraiser does on site is measure the home in order to determine market value. 


So before you price your home you should have your home measured so the list price is based the same measurement standards that the appraiser will use.


Listen to podcast episode #21 to learn more about the need for a pre-listing home measurement so the listing home size matches the appraisal home size.

John Sledge is a retired real appraiser who has measured homes for over 15 years. We use the same software and standards the appraiser uses!


Protect yourself by contacting John for a home measurement today!


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