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Episode #1

Meet John and Kalen and hear about a lesson they learned about hardwood flooring.


Episode #3

Connect with Chris Galvan: 

Christopher Galvan | KW San Antonio


Episode #6

John and Kalen discuss "You Don't Know What You Don't Know".


Episode #8

John and Kalen answer email questions about home size, converting storage space into living space, and how to value an unfinished space in a home.


Episode #10

John and Kalen discuss analysis versus analysis paralysis and share 4 ways a detailed renovation plan can help you with your next project.


Episode #11

Verify home size to protect yourself, John and Kalen discuss reasons why!


Episode #15

The difference between market value and marketability.


Episode #19

5 Common Mistakes Made by Real Estate Investors

The appraiser determines home value yet most people in the real estate business know very little about the appraisal process.


The ONE thing most investors fail to do is "think like an appraiser"!


We are the only ones teaching real estate investing through the eyes of the appraiser!!! 

Learn to Put More Profit in Your Pocket!