About John and Kalen

John and Kalen Sledge researched their first value-add real estate project in 2012.  John was a residential real estate appraiser and knew they needed to "think like an appraiser" to determine the renovation budget for the project and to decide where to use their renovation dollars. John always dreaded the appraisal of a home where renovation mistakes were made but could have been avoided with proper research and due diligence. Using John's expertise gained while appraising 10,000+ homes and analyzing over 50,000 comparable sales John and Kalen created a process to analyze the buy, to determine the quality rating of the home before and after renovation, to estimate the ARV, and the renovation dollar amount for their own projects.

After 8 years of successful real estate investing and streamlining their research process, John and Kalen are now teaching others how to research and "think like an appraiser" before buying real estate.  Think Like an Appraiser is an education company offering classes, resources, webinars, "Q&A" sessions, and one-on-one coaching.  They provide several learning platform options to meet the current needs of each student and create an experience where true understanding takes place.

John also noticed that real estate agents and real estate investors found the real estate appraisal process a bit mysterious. What do appraisers do?  How do they get the market value number? Which improvements will add value to the home? Many times real estate agents and appraisers look at the same property from different angles. For example, some agents don't understand how critical it is to have an accurate measurement of the home before determining a list price. The appraiser will measure the home in the on-site inspection and use this measurement to find the comparable homes in order to determine market value; therefore, the seller should start with an accurate home size too!

John and Kalen are parents of 5 grown children, dog lovers, foodies, and are real estate investors.  They love all things real estate and focus on value-add projects.  John's expertise in the appraisal process made it easy for them to prioritize the improvements needed to get a home ready for sale or rent. Kalen, who spent nearly 20 years teaching, found that students responded well to her organized, functional and happy spaces.  She applied the same functional flow she had mastered in the classroom space to spaces inside the homes they were remodeling. Recently they decided to leave their other jobs to focus on real estate full time. 

 It is much easier to win a game when you understand the rules of the game. Think Like an Appraiser is a place to find the "rules of the game" for the real estate appraisal process.  Knowing all the "rules of the game" will help when buying, improving and selling real estate and give agents and investors an advantage in this game called real estate.